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In 2013, an arbitrator found that Travelers Insurance Companies willfully failed to pay overtime to their Auto Damage Appraisers. Then, instead of complying with the law, Travelers simply walked away.

Superior Court of New Jersey Essex County
Superior Court of New Jersey Passaic County
United States District Court District of New Jersey
United States Court of Appeals Third Circuit
American Arbitration Association
Superior Court of New Jersey Morris County
Superior Court of New Jersey Union County
United States District Court District of New Jersey

Consumer Fraud
In 2004, Ivan Vilches was hired by Travelers as a Senior Auto Damage Appraiser. In 2009, he was fired for refusing to participate in consumer fraud.

If you filed an AUTO CLAIM with TRAVELERS INSURANCE after 2006, please contact:

By 2006, Travelers knew that 2 out of 3 claims could be underpaid, if payment was made within 48 hours. At 50,000 claims per month, the profit potential was astronomical. To benefit from this fact, Travelers hired more people for their Claims Departments and imposed a Contribution to Profits Quota on them.
A repair estimate is a list of what needs to be repaired or replaced. Either requires labor, and the replacement part price is set by the manufacturer. But there is an alternative known to the industry as an "M&M" part (Mickey mouse or mysterious manufacturer). These parts only exist on paper, and their price is anything you can get away with.

By using M&M parts on the estimate, a $2500 headlamp becomes a Reconditioned $500 Headlamp. In the end, when the Company Quota comes in, the would-be $10,000 estimate can easily be turned into a fraudulent $5,000 estimate.

But this is only the tip of the iceberg...